Monatomic Gold As a Supplement?

There’s gold in them there… veins? If you’ve never heard of using gold as a supplement, you’re not alone. Gold has been used as the standard for monetary value since ancient times, but why? Why is gold so special? It’s really not all that rare, as we’ve been led to believe. It does has some special properties, though. Gold is known in chemistry as a “noble” element, which means it is non-reactive with other substances. Unlike other substances, noble elements retain their original chemical properties regardless of whatever substances they come into contact with. So, what’s the big deal, really about gold? Why is gold so sought after for jewelry and for use as money?

It seems humans have always had an intuitive sense about the “specialness” of gold. It just feels good to have it against your skin. Well, there is another often overlooked use for gold, and that is as a mineral supplement. In the 1800’s, it was not an uncommon practice to have a gold coin inserted through in incision in the skin to alleviate pain. As a side benefit, people found their mind’s became sharper, and their dreams more vivid. The Ancien Egyptians ingested the “white powder of gold” to enhance their spiritual practice. It was said that after some time of ingesting the “shemmanah,” and practicing meditation, the initiate could “walk” into the afterlife realm without going through physical death. The physical body was transfigured into the “lightbody.” In the field of electronics, high-end stereo equipment is made with gold-plated connections. Audio geeks know that to get the best sound, use gold.

Would do you think would happen inside the electrical “circuitry” of one’s brain and nervous system after taking gold? If gold makes better sound in stereos, how about being able to “hear” one’s own inner voice more clearly? Many scientific studies have been conducted on how this monatomic gold effects human cells. It has been observed that ingestion of ORMUS (Orbitally Rearraged Monatomic Elements), synchronizes both brain hemispheres, enhances higher brain function, and repairs DNA.

What if you could upgrade every system in your body, simply by taking ORMUS? From taking ORMUS, I’ve noticed I have more vivid dreams, and I’m sharper mentally. My emotional reactivity has leveled out a lot; I’m able to keep my cool much easier. I feel more energetic, and am moving more actively towards my goals. I’d like to share ORMUS with as many people are ready for it. I think one has to already be at a certain level of spiritual unfoldment to even be attracted to this, so for those who feel they are ready, may the Golden Sun guide you on your heart’s journey!