Dangers and Side Effects of DetoxiTech Powder – Read This Before Taking This Supplement!

DetoxiTech powder supplements are designed to help relieve constipation and remove toxins, heavy metals, free radicals and other similar poisons in your body. However, you have to be careful when taking DetoxiTech, as there are certain side effects that could hamper your functioning, such as the following:

o Fatigue – This will most certainly come up when you’re detoxifying for the first time. Years of built-up toxins are being washed away, and your body is being stressed to adapt to it. Get rest and keep the stress low while you’re going through the process.

o Loss of appetite – When your body is being detoxified, you may find yourself losing your appetite. Just make sure to keep yourself well nourished and avoid processed or fatty foods. You don’t want to add poisons while you’re detoxifying, now do you?

o Aches – especially around the head. This is unavoidable at first, since your body is still adapting to the detoxification process. Again, get rest and keep stress levels low until your body gets used to the detoxification process.

o Diarrhea and excessive urination – There is only one way your body will get rid of the toxins built up over the years, and that’s through your excretory system. Just drink lots of water and keep your body salts at just the right levels until the toxins are flushed out, and your body will adapt in no time at all.

These may seem like dangerous symptoms, but rest assured, all these side effects of DetoxiTech powder supplements will disappear given enough time. Rest, relaxation, proper nutrition and good hydration will help your body adapt to the side effects until the initial detoxification process is completed.

After all, removing years upon years of collected toxins is no easy task. What’s a few days of discomfort compared to a life of wellness and good physical health?

Fish Oil Side Effects Indicates That You Are Using a Low Quality Supplement

Everybody knows that there are many health benefits related to fish oil, unfortunately you can also experience some fish oil side effects if you start using the one with low quality.

But the case is not so, with every dietary supplement. Now people have started to realize the importance of taking those dietary supplements which contain all natural ingredients and are free from any sort of chemicals.

The best thing you can do to stay safe from the fish oil side effects is to look for those supplements that come with a certification. Such companies always come with 100% pure products and are certified through clinical tests done by a third party.

You should also stay safe from those companies which although claim their supplement is pure do not have proof regarding this. If you fail to do that then you may suffer from the following side effects.

You want to take supplements that have gone through the process of molecular distillation which means the oil use to make these supplements are pure and contaminants have been removed.

Lots of Burping

This is the first and the foremost sign of the fact that you are consuming the wrong kind type of supplement. You start burping a lot and your breath starts smelling bad. Even a very bad taste will will be left in your mouth after-wards. The best thing to avoid burping is to buy an all natural supplement and to take it before having your food.

Acidity and Stomach Discomfort

If you fail to research well before buying a natural supplement then you may also experience another side effect which is acidity and discomfort in your stomach. This happens because when you use a low quality omega3 supplement, the foils simply become rancid and affect the stomach.


Another severe side effect is diarrhea. This happens when the omega 3 supplements go rancid and reduces the ability of the digestive system to absorb them properly.

The mentioning of the fish oil side effects above does not mean that you should not take the supplement. It offers numerous health benefits, but if you take a low quality supplement then you will surely experience one or all of the above mentioned side effects. The best thing is to research ahead of buying, and the internet is the best resource for that. Look for a supplement that has gone through the process known as molecular distillation, what this means is that the fish that makes these supplements has had contaminants removed leaving only fresh, high quality oil.