Monatomic Gold As a Supplement?

There’s gold in them there… veins? If you’ve never heard of using gold as a supplement, you’re not alone. Gold has been used as the standard for monetary value since ancient times, but why? Why is gold so special? It’s really not all that rare, as we’ve been led to believe. It does has some special properties, though. Gold is known in chemistry as a “noble” element, which means it is non-reactive with other substances. Unlike other substances, noble elements retain their original chemical properties regardless of whatever substances they come into contact with. So, what’s the big deal, really about gold? Why is gold so sought after for jewelry and for use as money?

It seems humans have always had an intuitive sense about the “specialness” of gold. It just feels good to have it against your skin. Well, there is another often overlooked use for gold, and that is as a mineral supplement. In the 1800’s, it was not an uncommon practice to have a gold coin inserted through in incision in the skin to alleviate pain. As a side benefit, people found their mind’s became sharper, and their dreams more vivid. The Ancien Egyptians ingested the “white powder of gold” to enhance their spiritual practice. It was said that after some time of ingesting the “shemmanah,” and practicing meditation, the initiate could “walk” into the afterlife realm without going through physical death. The physical body was transfigured into the “lightbody.” In the field of electronics, high-end stereo equipment is made with gold-plated connections. Audio geeks know that to get the best sound, use gold.

Would do you think would happen inside the electrical “circuitry” of one’s brain and nervous system after taking gold? If gold makes better sound in stereos, how about being able to “hear” one’s own inner voice more clearly? Many scientific studies have been conducted on how this monatomic gold effects human cells. It has been observed that ingestion of ORMUS (Orbitally Rearraged Monatomic Elements), synchronizes both brain hemispheres, enhances higher brain function, and repairs DNA.

What if you could upgrade every system in your body, simply by taking ORMUS? From taking ORMUS, I’ve noticed I have more vivid dreams, and I’m sharper mentally. My emotional reactivity has leveled out a lot; I’m able to keep my cool much easier. I feel more energetic, and am moving more actively towards my goals. I’d like to share ORMUS with as many people are ready for it. I think one has to already be at a certain level of spiritual unfoldment to even be attracted to this, so for those who feel they are ready, may the Golden Sun guide you on your heart’s journey!

Choosing a Dietary Supplement – Everything That You Need to Know

There are plenty of reasons why you should make a dietary supplement part of your everyday routine. Even when we eat three times a day, there’s a huge chance that we still fall short in meeting all 40+ nutrients that are body needs every day, and that is why we need a reliable multi-vitamins that can aid us in maintaining what our bodies require.

Why Take a Supplement Vitamin?

Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables remain the best source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, there are a lot of factors why we cannot meet these nutrients and vitamins that our body need, and this includes strict dieting, unhealthy food choices, and poor appetite. By taking a dietary supplementary on a daily basis, you are filling these nutritional gaps. But with thousands of dietary and multi-vitamin supplements available in the market today, how will you know which one is the best for you? To help you out, we’ve listed some important factors to consider when looking for a supplement:

Quality Assurance Check

The most efficient way of knowing if a supplement is honest in all its claims is by choosing a product that was manufactured at a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. This type facility is strictly mandated by the FDA to comply with rigid standards that are similar to the standards required in pharmaceutical facilities. By checking that the supplement you are purchasing is made in a GMP facility assures you that what’s inside the bottle is the same as what is written on the label.

Read Reviews

Another way that will let you know the best supplement for you is by reading reviews. So in case you are contemplating which to take, Juice Plus+ or Spirulina, then before you decide, take the time to research for reviews first. Consumers learn a lot by just reading the reviews of users; it will help you know if the supplement is really effective or not.

Justify Research Studies

Apart from reading reviews, another thing that you can do when choosing a dietary supplement is to justify the research studies that the manufacturers are claiming. For example, if a particular multivitamin claims that it can help you look younger because it contains antioxidants, check what are the properties of the antioxidants and read the label of the product and see which of those ingredients are known the source of the antioxidant. And by the way, don’t get lured on products by simply reading their clinical studies. There are many companies nowadays that make claims about their product, based on a clinical study that they have conducted in their laboratory using their methods and parameters. A clinical study should involve third-party research facilities for it to be considered valid.

So in case you are looking for a dietary supplement, make sure to consider these three factors first before purchasing one.

How Do I Choose a Supplement?

The Basic Supplements

If you only want to supplement your diet with the absolute basics, this article is for you. Most Americans do not get their basic micro nutrient needs met by food intake alone. Supplements become necessary to fill this gap.

When it comes to supplementation, there is what I refer to as the “Hierarchy of Needs”. This hierarchy starts with the basic nutrient foundation, and then proceeds up to the advanced or hybrid supplements. Think of the hierarchy as appearing like a pyramid, with the wide base being the foundation.

Foundational Supplements

What are the Basic Foundation Supplements?

There are two daily supplements I like to call the foundation products. These are a high quality multivitamin and fish oil capsule. Let me explain why I chose these two.


The micronutrients found in a multivitamin are necessary in order to meet the demand lacking in a normal whole foods diet. The majority of people do not consume enough vegetables and fruits for optimal nutrition. At the same time, be aware that it is not possible to correct a poor diet with supplements.

But, just taking any brand or type of multivitamin is not the solution. When it comes to supplements, you more often than not, “get what you pay for”. A common mistake consumers make is choosing to purchase a cheaper, bigger bottle online or from a big box store. These are typically a hard heat pressed type and the absorption rate to the body is quite poor. When buying a multivitamin, look for a capsulated high quality brand. You may also want to choose one specific to gender. A male has different nutrient needs than a female.

A good multivitamin provides the basic nutrient needs upon which all others are built. Just because you may not notice a change in energy or some health issues, does not mean it is not helping. Remember, a strong foundation may not get all the accolades of a luxury home, but it is the base of the beauty. You are only as strong as your foundation.

Fish Oil

Fish oil, otherwise known as Omega-3’s, is my other choice for building a strong healthy foundation.

Omega-3’s have very good anti-inflammatory properties. In today’s world, our diets are high in Omega-6’s, which cause inflammation. If you choose to get your recommended dosage of Omega-3’s through diet alone, you would need to eat fatty fish at least 3-5 times per week. As you can see, this is not the easiest way to do it!

Like a multivitamin, fish oil is also sold at a discount in the big stores. But, these are rarely of high quality. A good fish oil supplement contains a high EPA/DHA ratio. With the higher ratio, the need to take numerous tablets is not necessary.


Like I stated earlier, these two supplements are the foundation of any good healthy diet supplementation. Without a good multivitamin and fish oil, you are building on shaky ground. Do yourself a favor and get on a high quality multi and Omega-3 today. Check us out on Facebook for more healthy tips

To Your Health,

Greg Gruba DC

Fish Oil Side Effects Indicates That You Are Using a Low Quality Supplement

Everybody knows that there are many health benefits related to fish oil, unfortunately you can also experience some fish oil side effects if you start using the one with low quality.

But the case is not so, with every dietary supplement. Now people have started to realize the importance of taking those dietary supplements which contain all natural ingredients and are free from any sort of chemicals.

The best thing you can do to stay safe from the fish oil side effects is to look for those supplements that come with a certification. Such companies always come with 100% pure products and are certified through clinical tests done by a third party.

You should also stay safe from those companies which although claim their supplement is pure do not have proof regarding this. If you fail to do that then you may suffer from the following side effects.

You want to take supplements that have gone through the process of molecular distillation which means the oil use to make these supplements are pure and contaminants have been removed.

Lots of Burping

This is the first and the foremost sign of the fact that you are consuming the wrong kind type of supplement. You start burping a lot and your breath starts smelling bad. Even a very bad taste will will be left in your mouth after-wards. The best thing to avoid burping is to buy an all natural supplement and to take it before having your food.

Acidity and Stomach Discomfort

If you fail to research well before buying a natural supplement then you may also experience another side effect which is acidity and discomfort in your stomach. This happens because when you use a low quality omega3 supplement, the foils simply become rancid and affect the stomach.


Another severe side effect is diarrhea. This happens when the omega 3 supplements go rancid and reduces the ability of the digestive system to absorb them properly.

The mentioning of the fish oil side effects above does not mean that you should not take the supplement. It offers numerous health benefits, but if you take a low quality supplement then you will surely experience one or all of the above mentioned side effects. The best thing is to research ahead of buying, and the internet is the best resource for that. Look for a supplement that has gone through the process known as molecular distillation, what this means is that the fish that makes these supplements has had contaminants removed leaving only fresh, high quality oil.